Hi. I'm Nicole, otherwise known as NV.

In case you hadn't guessed, I DIY.

So, how did I get myself into this mess? Well, you have to go back quite a few years to get to the real beginning ...

I had a toy tool kit when I was in fifth grade. I tried unsuccessfully to build a treehouse. (I later aimed my sights a little lower and built a lopsided birdhouse.) Apparently, I wasn't that discouraged by my early failures as it wasn't too many years later that I traded those toy tools and the lopsided birdhouse in for real ones.

By day, I'm in PR. When I'm not working, I'm often working on This D*mn House (a small, circa 1940 Cape Cod) which I share with my mother, a Yorkie, and a cat. Installing, repairing, replacing -- you name it. I do it. (I draw the line at electricity, though I'm learning.)

Living in while simultaneously remodeling a house can be hell. It takes patience. It takes persistence. It takes planning.

And before it's all said and done, it just might require therapy.