Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Bathroom Reveal

It's a tiny bathroom. So tiny that I had some difficulty in even taking these photos. But if it'so small, you might ask, WHY did it take so long? Well, if you ask that question, you've obviously never lived through a remodel of a bathroom in a one-bathroom house. That, details, and a series of curveballs from life resulted in a project of more than three and a half years from start to finish. But, for your viewing curiosity, here goes ...

First, here's the view from the doorway, looking up.

Once you're in the door, if you turn right, you'll find this scene above the sink. The mother  and I both love the addition of that clock.
This is really supposed to be the FIRST photo from outside the door, but Blogger is being difficult AGAIN! (Give you an idea of how my floor -- installed in 2009 -- helps pull it all together.)

This is the back of the commode and a closer look at the detail on the medicine cabinet.  I mitred those corners!

On the wall to your left, you'll see this orate shelf and two shadow boxes created by the mother.

This table sits below that shelf. The cast iron boot was carefully detailed by the mother and features one of her arrangements.

So, that's it. I can say I don't think the photos quite do it justice but I'm probably biased. I still haven't gotten completely used to it yet. It's really a good feeling to see 2012 wind down and being able to check the box on this exceptionally long-term project! Now, it's upward and onward.

Monday, December 24, 2012

A Christmas Miracle

It's Christmas Eve and just guess what I did? Yes, I FINISHED the bathroom!

It took a bit of doing but I managed it. Except for a bit of touch-up paint – which that bad boy will get tomorrow – and the mother's final knick-knack staging, it is done! Put the last piece of trim up a little over an hour ago while "A Christmas Story" was on.

Folks, it's a Christmas miracle!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Long Winter's Nap

Does absence really make the heart grow fonder? I wonder …

Well, for those of you who have decided to stick around despite my sporadic-at-best postings, I thank you. A lot has been going on, hence my silence.

I was busy with things like stuffing a stocking for a 9-year-old boy. Fun stuff! And, I gathering  gifts for his 13-year-old sister. The stockings are part of our annual holiday charity program at work, an effort I have been heading up for the past several years. Things were being picked up and/or delivered last Friday. And this past Friday, we were able to send out two gift cards – for $640 each – to two families we adopted in the Northeast. We also helped 10 senior citizens ,10 developmentally disabled adults and an early childhood program get things for the holidays!

Tomorrow, I will start my sixth week of full-time status again – which means my second full-time paycheck is right around the corner. Hallelujah! Things have been insanely busy and going pretty well for the most part. (Reaching for wood to knock on.) Hoping that it continues on this way.

On the home front, I did yard work a few weekends ago – despite nursing a torn tendon in my right arm. That little injury (caused by overuse, according to the doctor) has slowed me considerably. The bathroom is still NOT complete, in part because I can't use a caulk gun or drill or saw without considerable difficulty. 

The good news is that after almost two months of battling it, I FINALLY got some relief earlier this month in the form of a prescription cream and special treatments to apply it. Longer-term, I've had to change the way I use computers (both at home and at work), not pick up heavy stuff and not do anything too strenuous so as to set back the progress I've made.

We've also been cleaning, cleaning, cleaning! Am working now to finish up my room. Then, it's off into the pre-holiday insanity to fetch our Christmas ham and the rest of the fixings! Whatever you'r e doing today, I hope it is filled with the spirit of the holiday season.