Friday, October 21, 2011

Feeling Disorganized?

I know I am!

Lately, life has been one spiraling ball of confusion, though, not all of it has been bad. But while I generally thrive within chaos, it's been exhausting -- even I’m ready to wave a white flag.

Apparently, it was Get Organized Week earlier this month. Who knew?!

Well, Emma did. She wrote to let me know that she had put up 50 blog links in honor of getting organized – and that This D*mn House was among them. We were included in a list of 10 DIY-related blogs. Thanks for the honor.

So, if you’re feeling disorganized, go check out the list. You might find something to help. I know I’ve found some good sites already.

1 comment:

Dave Velasco said...

The current housing market condition makes me feel disorganized these past few days. I'm quite losing hope on the market, but many people says we should always be optimistic. I always do. And soon I will be able to overcome the market and probably win.

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