Friday, December 9, 2011

Albert, Androids and Apple

It's been an interesting few days. First, after early-morning rumblings to the contrary, we learned that Albert Pujols was leaving the Cardinals.

It sucks, but it is what it is. The Cardinals will be fine. Really.

Then, I started getting emails about stuff I downloaded from Apple iTunes. Wait. WHAT?! (I hadn't purchased anything since September!) Some asshat decided it would be fun to hack and raid my account. They got my store credit (somewhere around $12) and another $70 or so from PayPal. PayPal was awesome. They were on it and reaching out to Apple post-haste. Apple? Not so much. Apparently, you can't talk to anyone to fix your woes with them.

I was relieved to find out that my iTunes account was shutdown temporarily. But, what if I need/want to use it? I'm in the resolution process now but told it could take "several days." We'll see how that goes.

And then, there's the Android. Yep, I am the proud owner of a tablet. (Not an iPad.) I bought an IdeaPad. Thanks to a new addition as of this very afternoon (a compatible portable keyboard which WILL fit in the bag with it) I am LOVING this thing. I think it's going to do just what I need it to. Just as soon as I can figure out how to copy and paste ...


Karen Anne said...

There's a lot I don't like about paypal, but I will say you can talk to a human being pretty quickly.

Someone twice in the past few years has gotten a hold of one of my credit card numbers somehow.

In the first case my credit union called me pronto. In the second case, for a credit card with a bank, the first I learned of it was that I got an email from Amazon saying someone overseas had tried to open a second account using the credit card I was already using with them.

I sure would like to know how this stuff happens.

Jayne said...

I follow the Hot Stove trades and it was craziness there for a while with all the Albert talk. I'm actually kinda glad he left the Cards (blasphemy, I know!!) because he so overshadowed the other players. Freese is the hometown boy and the NLCS MVP after all. Sucks about your iTunes account, and I sure hope they get that fixed quickly so you're not without your music.