Monday, July 30, 2012

At Last: R-A-I-N!

We got teased with raindrops a few weeks ago but other than that, we hadn't had rain since I can't remember when.

I was sound asleep yesterday morning when I heard the mother’s voice: “It’s raining.”

I wasn’t awake but I wasn’t so out of it that the idea of rain, something we’ve seen almost none of in the past three months, did not escape me. “Really?” I asked, half doubting her even as I sat up to peer outside. I pulled the shade back, flipped the shutter and behold, there WAS rain! Wow. It wasn’t a downpour by any stretch but it was a steady rain, strong enough that puddles were forming on the deck and in the driveway.

It would figure that it would finally rain when I had planned to be outside sanding between 8 and 8:30! (I had managed to get the large cabinet down in the bathroom and I also had a half-sheet of beadboard to tackle.) Instead of thinking of something else to do, I rolled over and went back to sleep.

When I got up around 9:30 it was still raining though it looked like it was slacking a bit. The sky even had a small visible patch of blue. I thought that by the time I got dressed and had a little breakfast that I would be ready to go. But no, still raining. It would rain for almost another two hours!

Great. Now it will be muggy and horrible out, I thought as the sun blazed through the clouds. Except, it wasn’t. Instead, after setting up shop under the tree that separates our half of the vacant lot from the neighbor’s, a steady breeze kicked in. It was PLEASANT! What a welcome and wonderful change from sweating your guts out as soon as you walk outside.

I managed to make it through sanding the cabinet, both its doors and two shelves. The beadboard will have to wait. (Not a big deal. I figure I can sand and then cut it at the same time.) I also carried a bunch of stuff out of the basement, located several projects pieces I was looking for and then found and carried up paint we’d need for the bathroom.

I was pretty much on the move from 11 until after 8 last night, taking just a few short breaks in between. While I was exhausted when I finally fell into bed last night, at least it was from the effort of actually DOING things and not almost entirely from trying to DO things while being baked alive.

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Jayne said...

Hooray for rain! We got some here too a couple of days ago. It rained while I was at work and the whole crew and I just stood in the bay with the doors open watching it rain. Glad you got some work done, too, while it wasn't so hot. This week looks like another cooker.