Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Bathroom Reveal

It's a tiny bathroom. So tiny that I had some difficulty in even taking these photos. But if it'so small, you might ask, WHY did it take so long? Well, if you ask that question, you've obviously never lived through a remodel of a bathroom in a one-bathroom house. That, details, and a series of curveballs from life resulted in a project of more than three and a half years from start to finish. But, for your viewing curiosity, here goes ...

First, here's the view from the doorway, looking up.

Once you're in the door, if you turn right, you'll find this scene above the sink. The mother  and I both love the addition of that clock.
This is really supposed to be the FIRST photo from outside the door, but Blogger is being difficult AGAIN! (Give you an idea of how my floor -- installed in 2009 -- helps pull it all together.)

This is the back of the commode and a closer look at the detail on the medicine cabinet.  I mitred those corners!

On the wall to your left, you'll see this orate shelf and two shadow boxes created by the mother.

This table sits below that shelf. The cast iron boot was carefully detailed by the mother and features one of her arrangements.

So, that's it. I can say I don't think the photos quite do it justice but I'm probably biased. I still haven't gotten completely used to it yet. It's really a good feeling to see 2012 wind down and being able to check the box on this exceptionally long-term project! Now, it's upward and onward.


Jayne said...

Oh my gosh, that bathroom looks sooooo pretty! I love the floor, and the black ceiling, and the light fixtures. I'm also really jealous of your mitering abilities! Your hard work sure paid off in this room. It looks great.

Karen Anne said...

Truly amazing! I am consumed with envy :-)

MonkeyGirl said...

It looks totally awesome- you and the mother are a lethal Victorian combination!!

Shana Randell said...

I love chandeliers!! Very cute in the bathroom!!

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Vicki said...

Very nice! Congrats on your accomplishment!

Why S? said...

Congratulations. Very elegant. I always loved the idea of a chandelier in the bathroom.

And Happy New Year!

John Ballard said...

Very nice ideas! I'm going to forward this to my fiance. We've been doing bathroom renovations since the electricity stopped working.