Sunday, March 10, 2013

Catching Up

A while back, faithful follower Karen Anne issued yet another of her “speak to us” requests. At the time, I fully intended to honor that request. Life, however, got in the way.

This year is off to something of a raucous start with a multitude of things both good and bad going on. If the first quarter of the year though is setting the tenor for all of 2013, it should go down as a reasonably good year.

In the interest of bringing you up to speed and to getting me back on track, I’ll try to share a series of brief updates, some that even have pictures. Overall though, they don’t have much to do with the house. We’re back to the occasional trickle where the house is concerned. That’s something I hope to rectify in the not too distant future.

Patience, my friends. Patience.

1 comment:

Jayne said...

glad you posted! I was just thinking about you and wondering how you are and what you're doing. Looking forward to the updates.