Monday, September 30, 2013

So, So Close

The patio is so, so close ... and yet so far. My hope was to have finished the surface yesterday. This would mean that only the soldier bricks on the front and on the side facing my neighbors would be left to do. That was my plan and my hope. I almost got there. Almost.
Unfortunately, close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. With patios ... not so much. It looks like such an insignificant amount of surface yet to cover. Still though, it involves a few more bricks than you might think. I'm guessing somewhere between 75 and 125. Even going from first light until almost dark this was all I could do. I just ran out of time, out of light and out of energy. From this angle, you get a little better idea of just how much still remains along the other side.
So, as I usually do when one of my plans doesn't quite work out, I've created another one. I had hoped that maybe I could score a few more vacation days this week. Instead, it's Mother Nature that's messing with that plan. Rain is supposed to move in midweek with chances running through Saturday. So, the revised revised revised (yes, that's three revisions) plan is for me to finish the surface this weekend, weather permitting, and start on the soldiering. Then, try to score a few days off next week during which Lawrence and I can start on the roof for this bad boy.
For right now, that's the plan. We'll see how that works out.
I'm taking the scuttling of my original plans as a subtle message from the universe to slow the hell down. (I am so wiped out it's pathetic. I ended up taking a half a sick day today from work because I just cannot function.) A handful of drugs and a few hours of rest later, I do feel a little better but I'm still a charter member of the walking dead. Hopefully, this slight delay will give me time to rejuvenate and be ready to jump in again with both feet in a few days.
I'll admit, I don't deal well with failure. I was really disappointed that, despite my best efforts, I still couldn't get the surface covered. I really did try. So, for now, I'll take some consolation in the mother's comments last night as I lamented the as yet unaccomplished goal: "You got a hell of a lot done."



Karen Anne said...

Yikes. Give yourself a break :-) You got a lot done. The world will not collapse if it takes awhile to finish.

Jayne said...

I agree with the mother--You got a hell of a lot done! That's hard work, too. Here's hoping the weather and days off cooperate so you can get it finished.

Kathy said...

My knees are cringing in sympathy for yours. That is a LOT of bricks to lay in a weekend.

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