Monday, February 28, 2011

Hot Air Meets Cold Air

And the result is a series of severe storms from Kansas to Indiana. As I type this, I’ve seen a variety of debris and nearly 50,000 people in metro St. Louis are in the dark (including one of my fellow bus passengers, a local Schnucks and an entire neighborhood on the north end of my commute.)

I had one leg in bed when the storm sirens began going off shortly before 11:30 last night. I got back up and got flashlights and our Red Cross radio handy, just in case. Luckily, we didn’t need either.

While my community had some nasty damage (including my neighbor across the alley and other serious wind damage within a mile of us) we appear to be OK. Or, in as much as I can tell in the pre-dawn light. As for my neighbor, her backyard looks like a war zone. The combination fort/swingset she has for her young granddaughter is mangled and strewn about as is most of her lawn furniture.

As I drove to the bus station, a drive which takes me down one of my city’s main drags, I saw business sign after business sign shred or thrown into neighboring yards. One, a wood frame on posts, had been topped into a neighboring yard, some of its lights still aglow.

The good news is that it doesn’t sound like anyone was killed or even seriously injured. I am SOOOO glad.

Whether or not we suffered anything beyond what the streetlight can reveal remains to be seen. I’m sure the mother will be out on patrol at first light so I’ll keep you posted.


Mama Martha said...

Glad to know you are OK. We spent a few minutes in the basement, but no damage to us or our neighbors.

Why S? said...

And I hope you continue to be ok.