Tuesday, March 22, 2011


It is, at long last, SPRING! And I can barely contain my joy. The past few days, however, have been summer. Mid-80s for two consecutive days (after mid-60s on Saturday) and I fully expect that today will be a third day of this uber-mild weather.

MMMMMMMmmmmmm. I am lovin’ it! (And it ain’t McDonald’s.)

The mother has been busily decorating for Easter (stay tuned for those photos) and spent Monday clearing the sidewalk in front of This D*mn House of all the debris it has accumulated over the winter. And it was quite a bit. The streets here are just this side of rubble!

For now though I wanted to officially welcome Spring and all her wonderful features. Here’s a few that greeted me when I got home last night. (One of those features being that IT’S STILL LIGHT FOR A WHILE WHEN I GET HOME!!!!)

The Baby Bunny (as he/she) is known, and has been ever since it squeezed its little body beneath the fence last year when it wasn’t as big as my hand, was one of the first things to greet me. Here, Baby Bunny chills out under an obliging pine tree in my neighbor’s yard.

On the other side of This D*mn House, the tree that is just beyond our property line is in full bloom.

That holds true for that same neighbor’s flowers growing along the side of his garage.

Spring has certainly sprung and I’m a VERY happy camper as a result. OLE MAN WINTER you are OUTTA HERE! Don’t let the door hit ya …

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