Monday, March 28, 2011

Yo-Yo Snow

Look carefully, folks, because the view may not last long. This is what I found when I went outside late Saturday afternoon. In all, we got nearly 4 inches of snow Saturday. Even on the early evening news, they were telling people to stay home if they could; the roads were funky. But by early Sunday morning, it was already disappearing. By Sunday afternoon, you'd have been hard pressed to prove that it snowed at all, save a few clumps scattered throughout the yard and lingering in the shade of the trees.

It wasn't much. It didn't last long. But, it was enough to send the poor trees that had bloomed a very nasty message. Those poor things! Today, their blooms are brown and falling off. And the even more fun news? We get to maybe repeat this whole cycle again tomorrow!

Aw, c'mon already ...

I don't want it to be 90, but I sure do want to be done with this stuff.


karen said...

I have to say it sure looks pretty on those flowers but I want it to go away too. Where is spring?

Edie Mindell said...

Oh, those poor flowers. They didn't make it till springtime.:-( I love spring because I love the sight of the flowers blooming.

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