Friday, July 22, 2011

The ‘L’ Word

Sometimes, life really sucks. This is one of those times.

It’s not that I wasn’t aware of the inevitability or that I’m not a realist. It’s just when it comes out into the harsh light of day, some facts beat you over the head with a bat, rabbit punch you in the kidneys and then stab you in the gut.

The ‘L’ word in this case is lymphoma. Ozzie was diagnosed with it last night.

He’s 14. If it wasn’t that, it would be something else. I know this. And yet I feel like my heart has been ripped from my chest with a pitchfork.

Except for some rather excessive swelling in and around his throat, he seems to be his normal little self. In fact, within a few hours of getting home from the vet last night, he vigorously helped me open one of my birthday presents (a pre-midnight surprise and I suspect a pick-me-up courtesy of the mother) and then proceeded to play with the present with the vigor of a puppy (a softball-sized, color-changing ball – something I play with every time we go to Cracker Barrel).

First, we’re going to see if steroids will bring his lymph nodes down any. If not, chemo is another option. But he is 14 and while, according to the vet, dogs do tolerate it relatively well, that’s a bit radical to put him through. Or at least I think it is.

But that’s looking too far ahead.

For right now, I just want him to be as happy and as comfortable as I can make him and enjoy whatever time he has left. He’s had a good long run and I’m grateful for that.

This is just going to be incredibly hard.


Kate R said...

Oh Nicole, I am so, so sorry to hear this. I do understand that at a certain age, we kind of expect to start hearing bad news, but that NEVER makes it any easier. My heart goes out to you all. You are right though, enjoy all the time you have with the furry little guy while you can & give him lots of snuggles from your cyber friends also.

Here's hoping your birthday turns out better than you expect under the circumstances.

Vicki said...

I am truly sorry for the news. :( Animals are just as much family as humans (and sometimes even more so). Times like these are just so unfair. Thoughts, prayers and love from DC.

Sarah said...

I can only add my sympathies to the first two comments. I know Ozzie has been a special part of your life for so long. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the little furball. Enjoy each other's company while you can!

MonkeyGirl said...

Oh, MEF, I am so sorry to hear that about Ozzie. I went through the same thing with Santa Fe and it was a hard thing to hear much less process. Ozzie has had the best life ever and I know he will be well loved and cared for the rest of his life. Big hugs!!

Why S? said...

I'm very sorry to read this sad news. I know how hard this is. My wonderful Kitty Friend, a cat we had we had many years ago, was diagnosed with lymphoma. She went through the chemo and, we were told - and this seemed to be the case, animals tolerate it much better than humans.

We had her for another two years after she began treatments.

Best of luck to all of you.

Jayne said...

Oh Nicole...I read this with tears in my eyes. I know Ozzie's your best lil buddy. This is so hard. Wishing the best for little Ozzie and you.