Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Repeat Wasn’t on the List

Yesterday, after working at the office for five hours and then for about three hours from home freelancing, I added a DIY tour of duty to the mix.

It wasn’t the most brilliant idea I’ve ever had. However, after looking at my multipage to-do list, it’s necessary. (At least it is if I hope to finish the kitchen and bathroom sometime before I am too old to walk through either of them.) So as soon as I wrapped up the last of yesterday’s work that I get paid for, I hopped on the slave labor bandwagon.

A while back, I had skimcoated the bathroom walls. Last night, I sanded them. If you’ve never sanded drywall before, lucky you. If you have, you know what a pain it is and how the subsequent clean-up is even worse! (By the time I was done, I looked like I was auditioning to be Caspar or else had been dumped into a vat of flour. And the bathroom itself didn’t look any better despite my best efforts to tape up plastic to minimize the dust. In fact, I think it took longer to clean it all up than it did to sand.)

In the light of day, I am acknowledging two things.

1. Our bathroom walls are horrible. (What they really need is to just be knocked down. That, however, isn’t happening.) I knew that when I started this little adventure. I thought I could make it work by skimcoating. I no longer believe this is a viable option.

2. I SUCK at skimcoating. Seriously. This is not a job I am just BAD or INEPT at. The good news is that I found that I am not alone and that it’s possible I can learn to be better at it. (Thank you, Sarah, at The Ugly Duckling House, a blog I was lucky enough to stumble across while seeking advice, if not the “miserable company” that misery loves.)

I do NOT, however, wish to do the whole skimcoating ordeal again. A repeat of that job just wasn’t on my list. And, as the day has worn on, I had an epiphany, or at least what I hope is one. If the solution works, it will not only resolve the bathroom wall situation, but also mean

* I don’t have to paint the bathroom walls themselves.

* I don’t have to redo the entire skimcoating – just a little bit here and there.

* I don’t have to buy drywall and worry about the walls shouldering that extra weight.

*I don’t have to buy anything as I can potentially use some materials that are just sitting around and for which I don’t have any plans. (And I’d get my full money’s worth from them!)

Wish me luck. If this works, it would be terrific! It also would be one of the only things to go right at This D*mn House in a while. I’ll keep you posted.

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Karen Anne said...

Well, you'd have to buy stuff for this, but...beadboard? Lincrusta? (I forget what the bathroom looks like, so maybe this are fails from the get go.)