Friday, August 3, 2012

The Sun, The Moon and All

Thursday was frustrating.

On again, off again assignments and work projects. (One of which annoyed the hell out of me but then was mercifully postponed.) A small assortment of technology-related issues. Timing that was literally shot to hell.

At home, the freelance work continued the trend. I spent more time looking for things to write than writing them. And for the living part of home, the to-dos are just overwhelming. Lack of sleep and my mounting frustration level finally took a toll: I fell asleep and managed about a 90-minute nap.

While I was asleep, something amazing happened. IT RAINED! Before I fell asleep, the occasional rain drop would grace my window. The sky promised so much more with its multiple shades of gray and yet all we could muster was a spritz. Seriously? And then I fell asleep.

I peered out the window at around 7:45 p.m. and the sky had a green overcast. Yikes! But when I walked in the kitchen and looked out that window, I was greeted by this.

This photo doesn't begin to do it justice and I couldn't really capture a nicely framed shot without being inundated by power lines. I think you see enough though to get the idea that it was a pretty spectacular sunset.

Everything was WET! It must have been a really steady rain -- and I slept right through it. I was amazed to see just how drenched everything was. It was even sprinkling a bit when I shot this. No watering of shrubs required. Color me grateful!

Once the night had officially claimed the sky, I got another surprise: the full moon. Because we actually HAD gotten rain, I thought that cloud cover would likely win out and there would be absolutely no way that the moon would be visible. I walked outside to have a look.
SURPRISE! Look who was about to join the party!

I quickly ran back in to get the camera.

I spent the next 20 minutes outside exercising the index finger on the dial to adjust aperture, speed and focus. I would later learn that during this same time, I also was serving as a mosquito smorgasbord. Those d*mned little buggers! The rain and the cooled air brought them back out of hiding.

Again, this image doesn't quite capture the image I was treated to but you get the idea. If only I could learn to get the camera to accurately depict what my eyes see!

During the time that I basked in the moonlight (and served as a mobile blood bank for the mosquito population) the moon shed its inhibitions and came from behind the tree. That allowed me to capture this.

The evening's visuals, coupled with the much needed rainful, were a nice ending to what was a less than nice day. We truly can find good in almost every day if we choose to look.

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Vicki said...

Great pictures! You can do a lot with post processing to try to get a picture to show what your eye saw. What kind of editing software do you have?