Friday, April 8, 2011

A Project

It’s my own fault, really. I’ve waited so long to start back on house projects (having done pretty close to nothing for several months). In fairness, work has been busy and sinus/allergies have been awful. Making it through work and tending to the basics (groceries, laundry, car maintenance) has taken what little spare time and energy I’ve had of late. Poor little blog has been frightfully neglected. But during all that inactivity, the mother couldn’t help herself but to see beyond the already as yet undone. Yes, that’s right. With all this downtime, she has had plenty of time to think up yet another project. One that will require the cooperation of Mother Nature to complete. And one that will probably take twice the 150 bricks I purchased and hauled last weekend. (I can pick up some extra when I go to get some mortar mix.) But with rain and wind in the forecast, that’s not exactly conducive to brickwork, especially to brickwork that will be completely exposed to the elements. I’m hoping to at least get started this weekend but that’s still a big question mark at this point. Any guesses on the mystery project? Here’s another hint: My “stone patio” is involved.

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