Friday, March 30, 2012

Parking post drives blog traffic

I thought it was a little odd that my blog traffic had spiked in the past week ... even though I hadn't posted. When this happens, I like to check and see if there's a specific reason.

Many times, it's because of search hits for images or linking to reviews I've done in the past four years. Not this time. Well, not entirely anyway.

Some of that traffic has been generated by The American History blog on the American City and County website! At first, I didn't see why This D*mn House would be connected to a story about cities and parking. Before the page came up, I guessed it might be one of my references to downtown St. Louis' penchant for tearing down old buildings and turning them into parking lots. But no.

It was my post on Union Market. That made me smile. And I didn't even have to force it.

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