Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So I Bought a TV

I just didn't buy it at Kmart.

Turns out that before I went to bed last night, there was already a second email in my inbox CANCELING my SECOND order. At least this time they acknowledged that the cancellation was a result of the item being out of stock, not trying to pass it off as something that I supposedly initiated. Being me, I sent them some "feedback." I got a response earlier tonight, a response that made it clear to me that the person responding didn't completely understand the problem.

It did apologize and did acknowledge the loss of my time. (That and $1.50 will buy me a cup of coffee.) I'll give them a little slack because Sears is going through a rough time. Maybe in the not-so-distant future we won't even have a local Kmart. But what they need to learn is that when times are tough, the way they handle experiences like mine makes or breaks a company. So, for now at least, I'm sticking by the Charlie Babbitt assessment: "Kmart sucks."

On the positive side, so far at least, I have purchased a TV and I should have it next week.

Even better than buying the TV is that 1) It's still local and 2) It was $11 cheaper than what I was going to pay for it! That is, of course, if I don't get an email tonight telling me that the deal is off ...


BlackDog's Photographer said...

Oh what a frustrating process to go through to purchase a big ticket item. Well - happy you finally got the TV. :)

Karen Anne said...

What is it with the "customer service" that handles email for various websites - do they actually READ the incoming messages? Or do they pick out a few words and think they can guess the question from that?

Rant mode off.

I don't see how Sears can survive. Every time I've priced something on their website for the past couple of years, it costs substantially more than elsewhere.

I remember the happy days when Sears was a good store...

NV said...

BDP -- Thanks! I remain hopeful.

Karen Anne -- You just nailed it. That is what got me. The opening part of the email made it sound like someone had read my rather lengthy email but then they blew it by apologizing for the condition of the TV. And I couldn't agree more about Sears.