Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Step Closer to Tuning In

Last night, I bought a TV. This evening, I got an email saying that said TV is on its merry way to a local store. It should arrive on or before April 3.

The good news is that I have purchased several things online at Walmart in recent years and never had a problem. And, I have to think that if they did not have any more of these TVs, they would not send me an email saying it had been shipped. I have to think that I wouldn't have heard from them at all except maybe in a week or so saying they couldn't find one.

On that note then, I remain hopeful.

In the meantime, I'm stuck watching the TV for which contrast and brightness have very serious issues. Cross your fingers ...


Jayne said...

Crossing my fingers that you actually get your tv this time--what a saga!

J. Harp said...

I can tell that you have a hell of a time. So how's is it going now. I would suggest that next you will consider appliances with wifi thermostat. I have one and it's cool stuff!