Sunday, June 24, 2012


When I walked out the door for work Friday morning, the first thing I noticed was crisper, cooler than it had been in the pre-dawn hours during the rest of the week.

There were clouds EVERYWHERE. And not only were there everywhere, almost every one of them was two or three shades of gray, and each had very clear definitions. One thing about clouds is the majority of them kind of fade into the sky. Oh, there might be a handful with clearly-defined boundaries, but the vast majority tend to meld with the sky.

Not these clouds. ALL of them had a shape and a contrast. It was actually a little spooky, as it was not yet light out.  But then, the tide began to turn. The closer I got to work, the more beautiful they became as the sun began to shine through.

When I walked in my office, this is what greeted me. Put me in a really good mood.

It has been one hell of a week. Make that month. Or maybe year. I definitely need more experiences like this in my life.

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