Friday, December 10, 2010

Long Time Comin'

Yes, the blog has been dark this week. It’s been crazy.

Parties and doctors trips and pharmacy lines and then trying to do all kinds of work ahead of year-end budgets. (I am STILL fighting the sinus battle. Today, however, is the best day I’ve had in a while. We’ll see how long it lasts.)

On the homefront, the mother has been a demon this week, pitching and packing. Yes, Virginia, there IS a livingroom and dining room in there! Every night when I go home, there is less stuff in the diningroom. Hey, there’s a floor in there. Who knew?! (Note to self: Never again undertake TWO major room renos simultaneously, singlehandedly in a home in which you must also live. Why? A year later when it’s still not done, it will make you NUTS!)

Then there’s having to give Ozzie two pills a day, twice a day. I have finally managed to cut the antibiotic into thirds and his other pill in half an successfully hide them in a few scraps of Arby’s roast beef. It’s the only thing so far he won’t immediately spit back out, the little bugger! Thank you again for all the well wishes. He is getting better.

And finally, it’s Friday. It sure seemed like it was a long time comin'. As if it should have been Friday daaaaaaaaays ago. It is, however, the last week of the year that I will work five consecutive days, thanks to vacation and holidays. Next week, I work four days. The last two weeks: three days each! LOVE IT!

Don’t envy me too much though. I’ll be very busy even if I’m not at work. This weekend I’ll be trying out a new tool. And be sure to stay tuned because next week, you could WIN one!

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