Friday, December 31, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Today's expected high: At or near 70.

Hard to believe that only a week ago, it was snowing like crazy. It ended up looking like this.

All those people who wanted a white Christmas sure got it. It ended up being 3 to 4 inches (nothing like what you guys out east got to be sure) but it was quite cold and enough of a mess to really cause some traffic issues. A lot of churches canceled Christmas Eve services. I felt sorry for the road guys who were out in trucks instead of home for their holiday celebrations.

It started disappearing earlier this week and then, in the course of a single day, it was all but gone. Good riddance!

Today, it is rain that is falling. And not much, thankfully. At least not yet. There is a slight chance for severe storms. Well, of course there is. You can't get temperatures like this in late December without paying some kind of price. And while it may be 70 today, it's only going to be half that tomorrow.

Crossing my fingers though that Mother Nature will relent and let the year end revelers enjoy their celebrations without rain ... or ice.

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