Friday, January 21, 2011

Dug Out

The snow was, for the most part, dry. Not the stuff of snowballs and snowmen. THANK GOD!!!

I was much relieved to discover this as I have plans tonight. But that's another story ... Even so, it looked pretty daunting once I finally bundled up (not unlike Ralphie's kid brother in A Christmas Story) and ventured outside. One of the first sights was my neighbor's pine tree. Quite pretty.

But dude ... where's my shrubs?!

The backyard looked something like a collection of weird, tiny igloos.

I went outside as the sun was starting to set. Even so, all of the white was absolutely blinding. It took me more than 90 minutes of steady, non-stop shoveling and clearing, but I finally unearthed the driveway, Pearl and most of the walkway.

They said on the news that the official snowfall was 9.6 inches. It set a record for a single 24-hour snowfall in January and was the ninth largest snowfall in St. Louis history.

Well, that means it did make the Top 10 at least! (Of course, it didn't compare to the Snowmageddon of January 1982 when St. Louis got about 14 inches of snow. It shut most of the city down for close to a week!)

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Wanna come for a visit? I'm making Jayne at The Kelly House the same offer. We could make a blogger holiday retreat.