Friday, January 7, 2011

A Fly in the Ointment

As I sat in the waiting room, watching the minutes tick by, it occurred to me that the hours leading up to my annual scrapbook weekend (often called crop camp) are more often than not plagued by negative events.

It’s been exceedingly true of recent years. Consider:
· In 2007, the mother got pneumonia AND St. Louis got hit by an ice storm. I was unable to attend.
· In 2008, I was trying to ensure that there would be heat in the house while I was at camp. (Technical difficulties)
· In 2010, a certain freakin’ dealership was holding Pearl hostage and generally jackin’ me around ahead of 5 inches of snow in the 2 days before camp. (I was driving her home as the snow was beginning to fall.)

And this year … I had to get Ozzie into the vet shortly after dawn Thursday morning. At daybreak, I was not only unsure if I would be attending camp but even if I would have a dog to bring back home. He did manage to scare the bejeezus out of me with a series of coughing fits that rivaled any I’ve seen from him.

Thankfully, Ozzie appears to be back on the mend. AND I WILL be attending camp! For his age, he’s in surprisingly good shape. I even got to look at the x-rays they took of his chest and throat. His heart is good, as are his other internal organs. Just those pesky lungs that need some assistance! (He has bronchitis and a secondary infection.)

I can hardly wait to join my friends tonight! As you read this, I may be with them already.
It’s going to be one weekend that I think we all really NEED.


Pixie said...

Awww poor Ozzie! Glad he's ok though! My lil pom has bad caughing fits too, but his are because he has trachea(sp?) problems...horrible trait of the breed. Have fun this weekend!

Kate R said...

Glad to hear Ozzie is on the mend once again but sorry to hear you had to go through that scare.

Have a great time this weekend. I have no doubt it is well deserved!

Gene said...

Glad to hear Ozzie is OK!