Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Wayward One

I kind of fell off the radar, didn’t I? I even got an email today from one of my nearest and dearest checking my welfare considering that it’s been … since I last posted. A year ago, that would have been unheard of. (And thank you, CD. It’s always good to be so loved, not to mention being missed.)

But, life happens. And sometimes it happens quickly and fiercely. Work’s been crazy. Ozzie is continuing to recover (and, like me, remains seriously congested). I was still down on sleep from Scrapbook Escape and the drama leading up to it. And there is always something going on at This D*mn House.

So, occasionally you need time to regroup. And, over the long weekend, that’s exactly what I did. I slept. I ate. I napped. I shopped. Yes, shopped. But that’s another story.

My Google Reader runneth over once again. It’s been in triple digits for all of this year so far. I’m going to try and catch up again soon. I’ll apologize now to being absent from the readership for many of you.

Right now, I’m trying to gear myself up for yet another blast of winter. It’s snowing like crazy as I type this. They’re forecasting 4-6 inches by tomorrow. While that’s really not a lot, especially when you compare it to the massive snowfalls the northeast has been hit with multiple times already this season, it’s entirely too much for someone who hates winter as much as I do.

And, it’s more than enough to make the morning commute a living hell. (The Missouri Highway Patrol just said to not go to work in the morning if you don’t have to. Can you say “snow day?”) Doesn’t quite work that way though, unfortunately.

Some days ago, we saw the last of the snow from the previous blast. It’s all but a memory now, save a small pile here or there which has survived thanks to yet another cold snap. Is it really only January?


Why S? said...

Glad to know you're ok. We all need a break from time to time. God knows I took a long one.

Jayne said...

There's a LOT of snow out there! My usual 35-40 minute commute in to work took me an hour and 12 minutes Wednesday night...and I'm not looking forward to the trip back home in a few hours. Hope you can ride the bus in the morning!