Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Day 2011

Looks like I get a snow day of sorts after all. I'll be working from home.

Here's why ...

Yep. That's 9.25 inches by my ruler. Generally, the St. Louis area got at least 6 inches to well over a foot. UGH! I don't remember the last time we got that much snow, though I do know we got well over 8 inches in February 2008.
Wherever you are, you too may be getting this snow. So, BE SAFE!!!


MonkeyGirl said...

I took advantage of the technological wonder called a VPN and worked from the warm comfort of my recliner today. Coal went out this morning and the snow was up to his chest. Mr. MG measured the snow on top of the trashcan and it was 11"! And we need to brace for another storm this weekend - wonderful!

Why S? said...

Was that product placement in action?