Sunday, October 27, 2013

Awning … Gone!

One of the highlights of Saturday was the long-awaited departure of the awning! Within the first 90 minutes of work, Lawrence and I got to the point I had hoped that we would reach during our workday on Monday. The awning came down and the rest of the rafters for both the roof and the ceiling went up.

Lawrence will be back Monday morning as I managed to score yet another vacation day to take advantage of the weather. On Saturday, it started out quite cold but warmed up into the mid-60s. The only downside was the wind. Man, was it wild! Luckily, as the day wore on, rather than being pretty consistently strong, it would only occasionally bluster. It knocked down THREE FULL SHEETS of plywood at one point!
In the end though, all of the effort was worth it. We continued to rack up some progress and now I’m paying for it by feeling like I’ve been ON a rack.

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