Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Roof Goes Up and the Awning ... Stays Up

The ugly awning got a reprieve yesterday. Lawrence and I spent about 90 minutes on a trip to Lowe's, including total travel time, then loading and unloading. Purchases included: 12 sheets of plywood, two rolls of roofing paper, 72 feet of 1x6 and four more 2x6 boards. Yeah, that was fun. The good news is that the roof is on. Yay! We even got the roofing paper on. It will still need shingles (ordered), fascia, trim and drainage to finish it off. I had thought that we would be able to finish the roof Monday AND take down the awning while completing the ceiling beams. Wishful thinking. It took all day just to get the roof done. So, we'll be back at it on Saturday. Hoping the forecast sticks to what is currently forecast -- 60 and dry!

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