Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Next Level

I took the day off on Saturday to go and play with the MonkeyGirl and some other friends. Ah, what a wonderful diversion from the patio which has consumed almost every one of my free moments in the past two months!

Today, I got started on the "soldiering," putting the bricks that will cover the sides of the patio, after I finished the surface. A handful of bricks had to be repaired after the entire end row had come loose just as I was finishing up and it started pouring down rain. But I'm getting a little ahead of things.

On Friday, this project finally looked like something other than a prop on the set of "The Beverly Hillbillies." For the first time, I really got to see it all coming together. And, we even came up with a plan for that gap between the back truss and the house gutter! Take a look for yourself at where we are.

This shot is actually a little better. You get a good view of where the framing is divided between the roof (slanted) and the ceiling (straight).

For some reason, the mother still doesn't get this. And that's frustrating at hell considering that she is the one who is usually able to see things before they're really there.

If things go as planned, the plywood for the roof will be on, the awning will be off and the rest of the ceiling beams will be up.

It doesn't seem like we'll make the Halloween deadline that I'd originally hoped for but mid-November seems doable. The weather is about to change dramatically (highs in the 50s after being in the 70s) but I'm hoping it's only temporary and that I can get another few good days to get things done. Cross your fingers ...

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