Saturday, October 12, 2013

Stupid, Stupid Rain

In the movie "Impromptu," an aristocratic couple has a house full of artistes (including the likes of Mdme. George Sand and Chopin) and in one scene, everyone is jammed into a parlor, watching a thunderstorm.

One of my faves, Emma Thompson, cast in the largely forgettable role of the hostess, utters this line: "Stupid, stupid rain." It pretty much sums up how I feel today. Earlier this morning, I had to call Lawrence and cancel. I'd hoped to get in at least a few hours of work this morning. Long enough at least to get the truss solidly into place and build the smaller version that will go along the front.

Apparently, it's not to be. At least not today.

I was just telling Jayne over at The Kelly House (she who is nursing a broken clavicle) that the universe has a way of telling you to slow down. To be honest, I could use the rest. And at least I got a much subtler message than poor Jayne.

Besides, there's a ballgame to watch this afternoon (Game 2 of the NLCS). And if it's anything like the one I watched last night, I'm going to need to rest up to survive it!

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Gene Anderson said...

I can relate to the message to slow down and rest. The 30th annual Carter Work Project with Habitat for Humanity was in Oakland last week, and despite resting much of the weekend, I'm still feeling it.