Friday, November 26, 2010

And the Madness Begins

OK. That's not entirely accurate. The madness actually started in the wee hours of Thursday.

Yes, I was at Walgreens in the final minutes of Wednesday night. I've never done a Thanksgiving Day sale before. But this one was for a good cause, our charity program. They had some hard to believe deals on namebrand toys from the likes of Disney, Leap Frog and FisherPrice. Otherwise, I doubt I would have gone out at 11:30 on the night before Thanksgiving. In a thunderstorm.

I also bought a memory foam pillow for me. I haven't used it yet but I'll let you know. While others were sleeping or prepping for their Thanksgiving meal, I was in line at Walgreens. I was lucky enough to be among the early arrivals. It was strange how empty the lot was when I pulled in. It wouldn't stay that way for very long.

Fifteen minutes later, it began to resemble a mob scene. Aisles were full and I have NEVER seen carts at Walgreens SO OVERLOADED. It was nuts. It made me question how smart a choice it was to be there when two shoppers began arguing over a single candle. And I saw more than one shopper eyeballing the Leap Frog toy in my cart, the only to be found on the shelf when I got there. But shoppers were otherwise sedate and polite. No violence ensued.

I got home safe, mostly dry, and with almost all I set out for.

It would be the first phase of Adventures in Holiday Shopping.

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