Friday, November 5, 2010

The Sorry Shape of Things

"To assume that just because I would like to elect a Republican president in 2012, or because he would like to have a second term beginning in 2012, we aren't going to do anything together between now and then just isn't correct."Sen. Mitch McConnell R-Kentucky

Yeah. And monkeys just might fly out of my butt, too. I guess he had a momentary memory lapse about some of his previous quotes and all of his actions in the past almost two years. Add this to the volumes of evidence for how full of sh*t politicians truly are.

I ask you, Mr. McConnell, “WHAT HAVE YOU TRIED TO DO TOGETHER THUS FAR?!” Um, nothing. Even when there were things that HAD YOUR IDEAS, you still said NO! Only friggin’ word in your limited caveman vocabulary apparently. And you’re SO worried about small businesses … that you voted against money to help them, too.

Meanwhile, you’re all about taking back health care reform AND Wall Street reform so that the banks can continue their sadistic screwing of the little guy. Oh yeah. You’re SO concerned and so ready to be cooperative. *Utters really nasty word that I won’t publish because people’s mothers read this blog.*


Get some balls, dude. I’m on YOUR side – and you’re beyond pissing me off. Way beyond. You are a smart guy. Use that brain for just a second: They DID NOT want to work with you when you had the majority. What in name of all that’s holy makes you even think they might want to be bipartisan NOW?!

I’m waiting for a rational answer because I have been unable to determine one on my own. You TRIED that tact for your first 18 months in office. IT DID NOT WORK. They shot you down at every corner. No. No. And HELL NO!

Let’s just say I’m in a very foul mood. In part, because this election has dismayed me. (Speaker Boehner. Really? Two words when uttered consecutively that make me want to retch. Gag.) And in part, because I’m fighting a sinus infection that kept me home yesterday. And I’m not going to make it through the whole day today. I feel like crap. So I’m really feisty and easily agitated. With what little voice I had yesterday, I was yelling at the television.

It would be hilarious if this wasn’t what was going to dictate all of our lives for at least the next two years. And maybe beyond – unless the Mayans are right and the whole place goes kablooey in December 2012.

I guess the good news is that people were at least smart enough to steer clear of Sharron Angle (even if it wasn’t by much), Christine “I Didn’t Go To Yale” O’Donnell, and Rich Iott (as in I ought not to dress up like a Nazi). But they did elect Rand Paul. *shaking head*

That’s what U.S. politics has reduced me to: yelling at the TV. Sad.


Kate R said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Sing it sister.

Jayne said...

I did my own share of yelling at the TV Tuesday night. I actually cried watching Ike Skelton concede the election before 10 pm after 34 years in office. His was the first campaign I worked. Sad all the way around.