Monday, November 1, 2010

How I Spent Halloween

It was a nice day, sunny with temps in the low 60s. The wind kicked up occasionally, which proved problematic and times (and which left me with a nasty windburn) otherwise, it was beautiful.

I had some stops to make early in the day both to get some materials for the project du jour and to check out shutter options. (You might recall we lost one recently to a spate of nasty wind.)

When I got home, I chose this hardware and made this template. I realize it looks pretty primitive, but it did the trick.

Template in hand, I marked out the location, double-checked it with the mother and then started digging. Yes, I dug a hole in my yard on Halloween!

Think I threw someone in there? BWAAAHHAAAHHAAAA!

Well, I didn't. If you see the size of the hole, you'd have to conclude that they would either have to be cremated or a midget to fit!

So, no. No one was harmed in the making of this project. Except maybe me. (A little stiff today from all of the associated activity AND giving Pearl a spit-shine.) I really didn't have any idea what I was doing. Strictly guesswork like it almost always is. Even the Internet didn't offer me much in the way of assistance on this one. But, it turned out! Mostly.

Any guesses about what I did? Stay tuned!


Kate R said...

I got nothin'.

MonkeyGirl said...

Bobby trapping the front yard for trick or treaters?