Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's Friday, Right? D*mn!

It is cool and damp out this morning. (Low 40s, and intermittent showers overnight) The sky is cloudy and dark.

No stellar sunrises to witness today. And I feel like I was hit by a truck.

That’s due partly to being really, really busy (both at work and at home) this week and to a fire drill we had yesterday. That meant 19 flights of stairs out of the building, walking a few blocks and then standing around for almost 45 minutes before we were finally told we could dispatch to anywhere except back into the building. Luckily, it was getting onto lunchtime by then so I had no problem walking around the corner.

Returning to the building with my lunch, I was greeted by an overflow crowd outside. People were packing the few elevator cars in use and it was going to be a while. So, like an idiot, I jumped when building maintenance opened the first floor door to the stairs. (The other door where we exited leads outside and you can’t get back in there.)

I got a little winded after the first eight floors, but hey, I can handle it. (Did I mention I’m still recovering from bronchitis? Did I mention I’m an idiot?) I stopped briefly and sipped my soda before taking on two more flights.

10th Floor. Massive coughing fit ensued. Sipped my soda a bit more in between bouts. A few minutes later, I trudged up two more flights. At 12, I said screw it and used my access card. (It’s the first floor where I could exit the stairwell.) At the elevator, a nearly empty car picked me up. Hooray!

Today, I’m feeling leg muscles I haven’t noticed in a while. Moron.

Add to that that later in the day I hit the floor, directly on my tailbone. (Retrieving a pen that bounced beneath my desk.) I didn’t have as much chair behind me as I thought, thanks to bumping it with my foot on the way back up, and it promptly skidded out from beneath me. Crash! Yeah, grace isn’t one of my attributes.

It’s OK for the most part but bending down or getting up out of a seated position isn’t too much fun.

With any luck, I can make it through today without doing myself any more harm -- and maybe even manage to accomplish something. Here’s hoping …


Anonymous said...

I wish it were Friday too. Actually, scratch that, I wish it was a week earlier. I have a whole lot more to do before Thanksgiving next week... Glad to hear you are getting well though!

MonkeyGirl said...

Really - 19 floors and you thought that was a good idea? You are the eternal optimist! If you would wear completely inappropriate shoes like I do, you would have never considered a hike! Hope you feel better soon!

Kristin said...

I am so impressed!!! 12 flights of stairs up and 19 down! You go girl :-)