Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dead Phone Strikes Again!

This time last night I was just getting home from work for the second time.

I ended up staying later so I called the mother to tell her and to remind her that I still needed to stop to pick up a few Thanksgiving-related items. The line was busy so I called her cell.

When I told her I just wanted to say I'd be late and I wasn't going to keep her because I knew she was on the phone -- except she wasn't.

DEAD PHONE strikes again!

Ordinarily this would be just frustrating. Last night it was excruciating. I had plans to work on some stuff for work that couldn't wait 'til morning and that required me to be online. Uh-oh. Of all the bleepin' times.

I made a trouble report via my cell and went through the same stupid process I had in October when this happened. This time though, the automated system acknowledged trouble on the line. Since it wasn't until the next morning that service was restored when this happened last time, I knew I couldn't take the chance.

I drove back to the office.

It actually wasn't bad. XM was treating me to some great tunes and the 20-minute trip was quick and easy. I spent a little over an hour at the office before returning home. I had worked off most of the frustration by then.

On a whim, as I fixed my dinner, I picked up the receiver of the kitchen phone. To my utter shock, there was a DIAL TONE. This is some strange and frustrating crap!

Just like last month, a tech arrived early this morning. He could not isolate the problem. So, I'm bracing myself for next time it occurs.


Anonymous said...

Time to call Ghostbusters... :) Have a happy Thanksgiving!

karen said...

I hate phone lines. If I could I would get rid of the house phone and just use my cell. But it is my moms landline and I will keep it for her. Hope you had a wonderful