Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday, Monday

If I hadn’t seen so many people in my neighborhood raking leaves and/or putting up holiday decorations yesterday, I would never believe that it’s November. Especially not this morning as the mercury hovers above 65 at 6 a.m. and we’re supposed to hit the mid-70s this afternoon.

It poured briefly earlier --long enough and hard enough to wake me up. But it's not raining now so no complaints from me. I’ll take this weather for as long as I can get it. (I was SO meant to be born on a coast somewhere, a place where snow comes only in a can or on Christmas cards.)

It was windy and in the mid-60s yesterday. (The wind persists today.) I got just enough of a jump on the day yesterday to complete the touch-ups on Ladybird. I was at the carwash just before noon and buffing her down shortly thereafter. I was applying paint about an hour later.

I didn’t know that there was going to be a Phase 3 to the outdoor stuff, but there is. In between coasts of paint with Ladybird yesterday, I was working on it. I had hoped that, like our neighbors, it was going to include holiday decorations, but we didn’t get that far. It’s really looking good though. Maybe we can do that over the long weekend. (But not until the weekend because today’s summer breeze is supposed to collapse into all-out winter in just a few days. UGH.)

I forgot to change the dead batteries in my camera so I didn’t get any photos of the “new” stuff I put up yesterday, but since there’s still more to come, I guess that’s appropriate. Stay tuned…

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