Monday, April 18, 2011

The 50-50 Split

The weekend was an even mix of work and play. It started out with play and a National Scrapbook Day event, meaning hanging all day with the MonkeyGirl, Harriet and A. (We missed you MamaMartha!) It was just the therapy I needed. It went by all too quickly. Good friends, very good eats, relaxation and catching up on my photo documenting, something I haven’t done since Camp back in January!!! I managed to get 12 pages done and a 13th one nearly so. It was more than I thought I’d finish, but not as much as I’d have liked. I’m still trudging toward the end of 2007 (I do my albums chronologically) and I would dearly love to start 2008 before the end of THIS year. Sunday was all work though I didn’t start until after noon. I mowed, swept, dumped, cleaned and cleared and then carefully assessed the outdoor projects that I really need to do. These include: 1) The “mystery” project involves removing the rotting wooden ties from around the base of the shed’s foundation and replacing them with a bricked edge. Should be a nice way to tie in all of the other brickwork with the back of the house. 2) Putting some bricks or concrete blocks along the edge of the front walkway 3) Same for around the base of the mailbox 4) Ditto that for the rock – but not until after I take it all up, put down several layers of plastic as a weed barrier and then put the rock back. 5) I need to repeat steps 2 and 4 on the side of the house, out back by the patio and around the birdbath and in front of the smaller section of fence out back Whew! Wears me out thinking about it. It really needs to be done though to try and keep the weeds under control and to keep the rocks contained and from getting under the mower. If we have a spring/summer like last year, there’s no way I can hope to do all of this. (Last year, it either poured down rain or was so miserably hot that you didn’t dare work outside for any length of time.) So, I guess we’ll see how cooperative Mother Nature is this year and just how much time, energy and money I manage to have all at the same time!


Stephania Andrade said...

I thought weekends were made to relax! I guess you can't while you're renovating right?

mike reynolds said...

wow that porche is beautiful. I've always dreamt of living in the states and owning a house like this.. good job