Monday, April 11, 2011

“Firsts” of the Season

It was soooo hot over the weekend. You could have told me it was July and I’d have believed it.

The temperatures marked a series of “seasonal” firsts. That’s because we were very warm on Friday and then at or near 90 both Saturday and yesterday. Trust me when I say it made for one hot house. We toughened up and made it through several back-to-back unseasonably warm days recently, but after tossing and turning Friday night and being too miserable to even sleep in on Saturday, I decided enough was enough.

I had the air up and running that afternoon. Before I turned it on though, I hooked up the hose, removed the wood we keep on top of the A/C unit during its downtime, and rinsed the unit off. I attempted to buy some new tubing for the drain because the old one is looking a might poorly but I’m still not sure if it will fit or not. (Every time I would think about checking, the A/C kicked back on; I never had the forethought to shut it off so I could check. Doh!)

I picked up a new filter while I was out and about Saturday and changed it that night. (A spring thing to do if you haven’t lately!) Then yesterday, I got the mower out. I mowed and then I trimmed the neighbor’s tree (he doesn’t) because it had branches that were dangerously close to both the carport roof and to Ladybird in the driveway.

I took all those clippings to the dump and then washed Ladybird on the way home. Poor thing. She was covered in dead buds and leaves and goop and other tree debris from said tree that budded during warm weather a few weeks ago only to have those blooms perish in the snow a week later. I pulled weeds, too. The ground was still a little damp from early-morning rain so it wasn’t the monster of a chore it normally is.

The wind (which was blowing a steady 15-20 mph most of the afternoon and occasionally gusting to 35-40) made things a bit challenging. I had wanted to start on my latest brick project but it would have been a nightmare in that wind.

This coming weekend is going to be damp and quite chilly (40s and 50s) so I guess it won’t be happening then either. Talk about extremes! Welcome to weather in St. Louis.


MonkeyGirl said...

Don't forget you have plans this coming weekend that do not involve heavy manual labor!!

Cindy Paul said...

Sooo...what are we doing? What kind of plans? :)