Friday, April 22, 2011

Weathering the Storm

Ay yi yi. What a night!

But … we have power. This D*mn House is still standing – and in tact.

Some of my neighbors can’t say the same. Just three blocks away, our road is closed due to major damage including debris, flooding and downed power lines. Police and fire crews are all over the place. About six blocks in the other direction, MORE serious damage.

We spent nearly an hour in the basement but the storm went OVER and AROUND us. I am so grateful

We listened intently to the radio – and what I could hear of the TV from downstairs – as the storm drew closer and closer. I heard reports of a tornado at Lambert Airport. (We’d later heard that the airport suffered significant damage and it is now closed.)

I worried about family and friends and made some contact as soon as I could get a signal.

Our cable is out. That’s the worst of it.

I’m feeling pretty fortunate right now. Pretty fortunate indeed.


Mama Martha said...

So glad you and The Mother are OK.

Gene said...

Scary stuff! Just saw the CNN coverage that a storm closed the St. Louis airport. Glad you're OK.

Marley said...

I am SO glad that the storms went around you! Praying for those affected by them...