Saturday, April 23, 2011

Just a Few Blocks Away

I went for a walk early this afternoon. I circled the house twice and walked the entire property line. Nothing. Whew.

But within three blocks of This D*mn House, I was astounded by what I saw.

Sadly, this is home to an ill, elderly couple. They did not need this. I stood there for several minutes staring at what was left of their garage. Their roof is in tatters.

These are places I go by nearly every day. And last night, you couldn’t get within 200 yards of them. Still today, there is a side street a block from this devastation that the police won’t let you go down because there is even worse damage.

This is the front of a convenience store where they come out to your car to take your order. (We frequent them for sodas.)

And these scenes were all too common.

I continue to be astounded by what I see from across the river. (Our cable, which went out shortly after we got an “all clear” around 9 last night, finally came back on well after 3 this afternoon so I’m just now getting caught up on those images. They are frightening and heart-wrenching. Those poor, poor people!) They’re saying this is the worst tornado to hit St. Louis since 1967.

As we huddled in the basement last night, I grew more and more concerned as I could hear the distant TV tracking the storm as it grew ever closer.

And to think, if it had come just a few more blocks. Not miles. Blocks.
Grateful doesn't even begin to cover it.


Ty'sMommy said...

I am SO glad to hear you and yourss survived the storms. We were hunkered down hree as well, and Matt actually drove right through the Girard tornado on his way home from work last Tuesday night. As grateful as I am that we were spared, my heart goes out to those who were not as fortunate.

Karen Anne said...

Thank goodness it was the garage and not their house. Do you think you might volunteer to pack their tools for them for they could keep them inside? Right now they're just waiting to be stolen.

NV said...

Ty'sMommy-- Glad all is OK with you, too! Didn't realize the Girard tornado was that close to you!

Karen Anne-- Yes, though the house sustained some rather nasty damage, too. Good thought on volunteering. I met some of their relatives while I was out and about and I offered help but they had children and several grandchildren on site already. And, with a strong police presence just across the street, anything that didn't get blown away was pretty safe.

Why S? said...

I've been away for a while but thinking of you tonight. I hope all remains well with you. Please stay safe.