Friday, April 8, 2011

Shut ‘er Down

If you regularly read this blog (or if you did when I was actually contributing regularly to it) you knew I couldn’t let all this political BS slide. Right? Not in the mood for a rant? Sorry. Move along now then, please.

First things first. Donald Trump is an a**hat.( An egotistical blowhard a**hat at that.) The very sight of him makes me want to puke. Unfortunately, he’s everywhere. Yeah, he’s a billionaire. So what? Money definitely isn’t a guarantee of sense or principles. Direct quote that made me want to hurl something at the TV yesterday: “I’m only interested in Libya if we keep the oil.”

Well of course you would be, a**hat. You don’t give a sh*t about Americans, so why would you care about Libyans? Definitely the kind of attitude I know I want from the leader of the Free World – NOT! I’m wondering where dear Donald was during the EIGHT YEARS of the Bush administration as the country went hurtling down the path to hell. (The one we’re on, according to him. Um, exactly who put us there?) Sir, kindly take that dead animal that lives on your head and go back and crawl under your rock.

Whew! That felt great. Continuing on …

DENYING HEALTHCARE TO DISADVANTAGED WOMEN IS NOT A GOOD REASON TO SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT. ( I’m hoping that this shutdown can be avoided tonight, but I’m not holding my breath.) Don’t want public money to fund abortions? Fine. That’s been the law of the land for some time now anyway. (But wait, I forgot. You folks aren’t very good with American history, even in the current century.)

But to not want to fund pap smears, cancer screenings, mammograms – seriously? This is the place where many women turn for such “routine” care because they couldn’t afford it otherwise. If you’re one of the dumba** legislators in favor of this, then I think you should tell your wife/daughter/sister/mother to cancel any and all such screenings. Wouldn’t dare do THAT, would you? Didn't think so.

Oh, right. I keep forgetting ... these are the people who don’t give a d*mn if anyone has healthcare—‘cept them of course. (I remember one of these freshman Teaheads going all whiny because he had to wait XX number of days for his healthcare to go into effect. Welcome to the ranks of the 32M you could care less about, sweetie!)

Between Paul Ryan’s “budget” and this Congressional stalemate over women’s healthcare, I can only conclude that the Republican and/or Teahead healthcare plan for the old, impoverished, or otherwise disadvantaged can be boiled down to two words: DIE ALREADY!

And I have never ever never been able to understand how people can see contraception and abortion as mutually exclusive. Don’t like abortion? Guess what – contraception can be your best friend! Oh, yes, there’s abstinence, of course. But people are human. They generally forget a lot about what they’re supposed to do/not do when hormones come a’ calling. And sometimes, contraception fails.

While I support a woman’s right to choose, it’s not something I personally could do. But hey, I don’t think that should be imposed on everyone. I totally support someone who wants to decry abortion – I just don’t agree with them. I have just one beef with the “radical” side of the pro-life movement (of which I think some legislators are definitely a part of). Some of these same legislators are busy “defunding” education and the very social programs designed to help the women they’d like to see forced to give birth! *stops to scratch head*

Yeah, go ahead and tell me how much you care about kids as you eviscerate education. Go ahead. I’m listening.

Your respect for the unborn is admirable. Too bad that same passionate concern doesn’t apply to the millions who are already here.

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't even give him credit for being rich. His father gave him a considerable fortune and he's just shot up and down with the real estate market basically. He's had at least one hotel venture go bankrupt on him out in vegas and I think there was another bankruptcy more recently. Somehow he is crafty enough to get out of those situations or at least limit his liability without losing the remainder of his portfolio. No, the only thing I would give him credit for is being a constant self promoter.