Monday, October 11, 2010

A Day (Mostly) Off

After three consecutive days of crankin’ it during a majority of daylight hours, the mother and I did what most red-blooded Americans do on a calendar holiday: GO SHOPPING!

I got up early to take out the trash and slipped gratefully back into a deep sleep for a few more hours. Absolute heaven.

Got up. Got dressed. Got out the door. Made a variety of stops and picked up a bunch of bargains. I have been lucky buying clothes lately. Usually, I can’t find much I like, or when I do, can’t find it in my size. While I did encounter a bit of that today, I generally made off like a bandit. Every item I bought was on sale AND I got an extra 20 percent off all of it. God, I love Kohl’s. Cha-freakin’ ching!

A few more stops, then a brief lunch break, and we were back home again.

But I couldn’t let my time off end without some good old-fashioned elbow grease though. So, with shopping adventure behind us, the mother and I returned to the yard. It was an abbreviated work day to be sure, lasting just three plus hours, but it was rigorous. I hefted a dozen bags of white marble chips around the property where the mother and I spread them out. (For the record, we have the equivalent of a quarry around the house perimeter but the mother feels the need to refresh it at least once a year.)

After that, I spent more than 30 minutes digging up toadstools. For some reason, they’ve become rampant this year on the shared lot. (The neighbor has some clusters that are at least 18 inches wide and roughly 6-8 inches tall that he has done nothing with. So, naturally, they’ve migrated onto our property.)

It got up to 85 today, so by the time the sun set (which was a beautiful scene, by the way) I was soaking wet and exhausted. The day was a perfect mix of work and play. Tomorrow though, it’s all work.

Back to the office I go …


Anonymous said...

I don't really love to shop, but I do love me some Kohl's too. Just got all the clothes for my family photos coming up and it didn't break me. Sorry I've been awol lately, I've been too busy to blog, let alone stalk! I think about you though and do quick checks on your projects!

NV said...

Um ... you have FOUR KIDS! I don't know how you have time for anything. But feel privileged to be part of where you do spend that "free" time. :-)