Monday, October 25, 2010

This Haunted D*mn House

It occurs to me that I never shared our Halloween decorations. And now that it's less than a week away, I guess I'd better get moving on that!

We do so love Halloween. Can you tell?

This is at the back door. It's probably the decoration I see the most as I go out the back way more than the front.

But if you're looking from the street, here's the whole arrangmement. I have spent a bit of time out here in the past few days. Quite a bit. (Pay attention because this will have bearing on a future post.)

But let's get a little closer.

I'm not sure if we'll get any trick-or-treaters on Sunday, but we're enjoying the decos for now.


karen said...

Love it. I got candy a little to early . Been eating it all myself I think I will need more.

Kate R said...

I remember last year being so impressed by all your Halloween decorations. You've done it again - kudos!