Thursday, October 21, 2010

R-A-I-N, a Four-Letter Word

October has been a beautiful month for the most part. I was so hoping that the fabulous weather would last just a few more days. Just a few more. Especially considering that today is my Friday.

Today’s my Friday. Today’s my Friday. Today’s my Friday. *singing*

For now, the forecast declares tomorrow the last in that string of nice days. While the temperatures are going to remain very mild (70s by day, upper 40s/low 50s by night) it’s supposed to rain Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. In other words, except for tomorrow, the entire time that I’m off. That just completely sucks.

I know we need the rain but do you think you could give me TWO CONSECUTIVE dry days? I really need them. While my outdoor to-do list is dwindling, there are still some things on it and I’m bucking to get them done.

Here’s hoping that the forecast shifts, just a little …

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