Saturday, October 9, 2010

The First 48 Hours

It's been two busy and back-breaking days.

My mini-vacation got started with a get together Thursday night with five of my high school friends. I met up first with The MonkeyGirl. We rode together from her house (where I got to see her nearly finished home improvement project) and got to catch up.

Time has a very fluid quality when this group gets together. Time both flies AND stands still.

The evening flew by as it always seems to do with all of us. And yet, as it always does, it stood still. None of us could remember, with certainty at least, when the last time was that six of the eight of us had gathered. We'd managed four and five, but not six, in recent years.

"It's been years," said The Teacher. "And it's like we've never been away from each other at all." Yeah. It really is like that. Always has been. I can't think of a faster way to peel back 30 years.

I got home late, got to bed later still but was up early. Or, at least earlier than I'd planned to be. (Got a call from the office as I was just settling in again. That got me up and moving.) Before I knew it, I was dressed and outside.

Friday was all about yard work and caulking. I pulled weeds, I dug up toadstools, I mowed. I fixed a big hole on the interior of the shed and I caulked all the trim I'd added earlier in the week. I hauled everything off to the dump, cleaned and put everything I'd used throughout the day away.

I was in bed by 11, falling asleep and jerking awake several times before I actually went to bed. This is a rarity for any night, much less a Friday night, but I was that exhausted.

I got up early this morning, before sunrise, and ran and got some breakfast. I took Tylenol after I'd finished and crawled back into bed for a few hours. I sprang awake and was back outside by around 10:30.

I caulked the carport and repaired and replaced some of the trim boards that had been damaged in spring storms. I filled in the stones around the shed (half of them anyway) with concrete as the sand from the original installation was mostly eroded. I caulked the front porch and started filling in driveway cracks.

I was all over the place. And now I feel like I was. I'm achey and tired and ready for bed. Tomorrow is going to yet another workday.


MonkeyGirl said...

You kill me with ow much you can do in one day! No wonder I am mainly a slug as you are hogging the activity part of my brain!

Why S? said...

I am also amazed at how much you manage to accomplish in a day (and blog about it too!)

It must be a Midwestern thing. You people are hardy.

NV said...

MG -- Can't blame brain-hogging on this one: most of it was mindless work! :-)

Why -- The sad part is, it's a rare day when I feel like I've truly accomplished what I set out to. But thanks for the vote of confidence!