Friday, October 15, 2010

Odds and Ends

The bus is pulling out of the station right on time. I had just enough time to park Ladybird and make the station to board this morning. Yeah, it’s Friday and the ole reflexes are slow today.

It’s very chilly out. Almost everyone on this quite full bus is bundled in some form or fashion. The garb of choice appears to be hoodies, topped with either a stocking or baseball cap. Not me; I’m just wearing my short khaki trench coat. (I finally brought home ALL my jackets from the office. As of yesterday, I had THREE on the back of my door! )


The phone is back in business! A phone tech called my cell about 8:30 yesterday and said he was en route to the house. He asked if there were any dogs in the yard he should know about. I laughed. “If there are, they aren’t mine.” Kind of reminded me of the Peter Sellers gag in the one Pink Panther sequel where he asks the guy if his dog bites. “No,” says the man without looking up from his paper.

When Sellers puts his hand down to pat it, the dog invariably clamps him. “I thought you said your dog doesn’t bite!”

The man looks up and nonchalantly says, “Not my dog.”

Tomorrow is Croptoberfest, an all-day scrapbooking event for our regular group of croppers. Really looking forward to seeing my scrapbooking buds – and to playing with the many Slice design cards I’ve acquired during the past two months. I’ve gotten quite a few, 90 percent of them on eBay.

As if I didn’t have enough to keep me occupied, I managed to buy two different lots of Slice cards. Of the 32 I bought, I’m keeping 8. I’ve been reselling the rest over the past few weeks. I got off to a rocky start, not netting nearly what I should have out of the deals for the first several (eBay, Paypal and the USPS all get their pound of flesh from me).

This week though, things have been much better. Now that I’m halfway through unloading the unwanted cards, maybe I’ve turned a corner. Here’s hoping. I think it’s more that I’ve gotten a little smarter and been a little luckier, too.

I’d like to drivie down the end cost of the cards I’m keeping for me to as low a number as I can. ($10-$15 each would be great; “free” would be ideal.)


Sunday will be a full day of work on the house. One of my primary objectives will be to caulk and paint the cupola and the vent that are featured so prominently in my page logo. Then, I’ll head to the other side of the house where I’ll have to climb even higher to reach another vent near the roof’s peak. I’ve been eyeing it all summer and it’s in pretty rough shape.

Fun times.


Why S? said...

Have fun at the crop circle.

plumbelieve said...

Hey there NV, Hope your croptober fest is great. One of these days I want to join you and monkeygirl for a day or evening. I have a lifetime of photos and memories that I would like to get into books but need a push. I am a cropper wanna be! Enjoy yourselves!

NV said...

Why -- Thanks! It was a lot of fun.

PB -- YOU MUST come and hang with MG and I. We will quickly get you addicted. :-)