Sunday, October 10, 2010

Love for the Ladybird

It's 24 hours later and I feel a lot like I did when I wrote the last post ...

Today started a little earlier than yesterday and it started at, of all places, Wal-Mart. It started there because my late-night, borderline hoosier trip to Walgreens last night left me without my OTC allergy meds that they keep behind the pharmacy counter. (I say borderline hoosier because in my family, we consider the post-midnight run to Walgreens to be "hoosier." We do it all the time and the running joke is that you go there and then to IHOP to hang with the rest of the hoosiers. We can say that because we often do it. Or did, until IHOP went away some years back.) But I digress.

I had hoped to not visit Wal-Mart until Monday but there was no way I could not go, considering I needed my meds. So, to Wal-Mart I went this morning. But, I had yet another purpose, and another priority, on my to-do list. I discovered at the conclusion of my friend gathering on Thursday night that Pearl had a burned-out turn signal. Not the one that I had changed back in the spring, thankfully. But the other side. I knew it was only a matter of time.

Less than 24 hours later, on returning home from the dump with Ladybird, I discovered that she, too, had a burned out light. In this case, the driver's side headlight.

So, my trip to Wal-Mart included having that headlight replaced. But I wasn't sure if Wal-Mart's service department was open on Sunday. I was pleasantly surprised.

Thanks to back-logged service department, it was more than an hour before I was on my way home with both my allergy medicine and a new headlight. I took Ladybird to the carwash and scrubbed the living hell out of her. When I got home, I carefully scrubbed under the hood (not sure when the last time that ever happened was) vacuumed all the crap from trees that had gotten lodged in the door creases and along the top of the hood.

I filled in the very bottom of the driver's side door with a product called plastic metal by 3M to replace a rusted-out section. Since the area was kinda big, I had to do this in layers, about every 2 hours. It dried really well so it can be sanded and painted now!

In between layers and the other Ladybird lovin', I finished filling in the stones around the shed and gathering everything up for the trash tomorrow. Then I scrubbed up and put away a bunch of stuff including buckets and the ShopVac.

I was going to wash Pearl, but by the time the sun set, I was done in. I consoled her by explaining that I had done something for her today (that's for another post) and that I would wash her tomorrow because today was her sister's day. That poor car. It finally did get some love. She'll be getting some more love in the next few weeks when I take her to the car wash boys across the street from the office for an annual detailing.

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