Monday, October 18, 2010

From New Heights

The weekend was jam-packed with activity. Saturday day was filled with fun. It started early and I met up with the MonkeyGirl shortly after 8:30.

I got to see the darling MonkeyBaby who is now walking, even tentatively running. (They’re SO cute when they first are walking. They’re like little Weebles except that sometimes they DO fall down.) And then I got to see Mama Martha and was expecting Harriet but she had some incident involving car keys that kept her away. Boo, hiss! I hope she was able to resolve it all without breaking the bank.

The day flew by, as they always do. I got to play with my Slice and do some card-making. (Finished up the Halloween cards, made a birthday and a Thanksgiving card.) The MonkeyGirl was creating an 11th-hour gift – for a party that night – so it was fun to watch her create. The finished product was awesome!

Shortly before dark, Ladybird and I headed for Alton. I had tried to buy something the mother wanted on Friday that our local store had only one of . Of course, getting the first one home was much easier since it was just across town. To get the second one though, I had to travel. Securing the item in the trunk for a roughly 30-mile roundtrip was a bit more challenging. But I did it and got everything home in one piece!

As soon as I got home, I unloaded Ladybird and Pearl, who still had the bulk of my scrapbooking stuff stowed in the trunk. Then Pearl and I left on a household item shopping spree. It was busy, but the day afforded some much-needed downtime and funtime with friends as well as some solitude. (Not to mention some solo Pearl time with First Wave cranked!)

Yesterday, I cooked for the animals then got outside and finally used that ladder I bought last year as a Christmas present to myself. It was nice to not have to bother anyone to borrow a ladder to do various outside jobs. (More details to come on this product.)

The cupola and the vent you see in my banner? They both got cleaned, caulked and had a fresh coat of paint slapped over them. Ditto for the vent that’s near the roofline on the other side of the house. I could instantly tell that I didn’t do this vent on the far side of the house last year because it was in such poor shape. Had to spend plenty of time and care with it, unlike the cupola which was in remarkably good shape as I had tended to it last year. (My legs and feet and back are paying for all of that today. God, aging sucks!) But, I didn’t fall off the roof of the carport or even off the ladder.

GO me!

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