Thursday, March 4, 2010

All’s Well That Ends … Better

The godmother called last night to report that she had picked up the Dream Vanity! It exists and has safely arrived at Another D*mn House. Whew! That’s one saga I really and truly hope is over.

That said, it’s still in the box. I told her to at least open a corner and make sure it really is the real deal. They could have given her anything! Especially, considering that she ended up getting MORE discount. Yes, she and the mother (better known as the Bargainator) are truly related. She got some kind of offer to get $25 off a purchase of a certain amount. This brought the final total of discount to $105! (Which means the $58 vanity for the men’s room was FREE and the final price for the ladies’ room vanity was just over $250 – a miracle considering that the next cheapest thing I could find was nearly three times that much.)

Here’s hoping that it looks as good as we all seem to think it’s going to. That project will be starting soon but there’s paint and wallpaper to get done first AND a floor to pick out and install. I’m tired just thinking about it.

And speaking of endings, the final episode of Faces of America aired last night. (It’s posted online today.) And I understand Netflix is also offering the series, so if you subscribe, DEFINITELY check it out. I can't heap enough praise on this production.