Saturday, March 20, 2010

Playing with Pictures

In some ways, it was like going to a crop (scrapbooking event). I got to play with pictures. I got to make new pictures look old and give new life (in the form of enlargements) to very old pictures. I got to cut and tape photos in place. Only instead of a photo album, these pictures are going into frames.
We were supposed to go to the restaurant today. But the mother didn’t feel well. And honestly, neither did I. It had been a busy week and while I did start trying to get things together last night, I was pretty tired and my efforts were half-hearted as a result. Then, about 11 p.m., the mother springs on me that “we need pictures.” Oh, you mean the pictures I’ve only been asking you about FOR THREE FREAKIN’ WEEKS?! The ones that every time I would ask about you would say, “I don’t know what I’m doing with pictures yet.?”

Yes. Those pictures. I could have killed her.
I sent some pictures to Walgreens very late last night (or early this morning in a few cases). Some of those I turned into sepia versions today. Here I was rushing around this morning (picking up meds for Toby, working with these d*mn pictures and trying to make lists so we didn’t leave anything behind) and the mother had decided not to go.

This was a relief. I feel like I got a little time to breathe. Last night, I ran Ladybird through an auto carwash, came home and buffed her down, took Pearl to a DIY carwash and buffed her down and then went and bought some new wiperblades for Pearl. (Driving out of the carwash bay, I got a subtle reminder in the form of a frayed blade dragging across the windshield.) So, by the time I actually sat down to eat dinner last night, I was a little tired.

The rain isn’t here yet, but it’s coming, so I made sure I got that blade replaced. I did that this afternoon. I had bought one for the driver’s side, too, but didn’t change it because when I looked at the current one, it still seemed in good shape.

I also started seeing which photos look best in which frames. That, and picking out a few other assorted photos, will be part of this evening’s activities. I’ll also have to make sure that I have all my tools and hardware ready to go I think I’ll be much less likely to forget anything now, too, so that’s good news.

It also means I get to relax a little bit. And that is an activity that is highly underrated!


karen said...

We love to look at old photos. Only problem is they are all over the place. Mom did not keep them in an album but in old boxes and hardly any are wrote on. It is a big mess but still fun. I need to get busy and clean up the mess.Good luck and get some rest.

Karen Anne said...

Why is Walgreens in the mix?

If you're doing a lot of photo stuff, you can save a bundle of time and have more convenience photo printing it yourself. Plus tune the results on the spot. I have an old HP Photosmart 3210 that I use with archival photo paper and archival ink. It cost $240 four years ago and also does all my other printing.

廖佳怡 said...
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NV said...

Karen -- If you know who the people are in the photos WRITE ON THEM! Your son will be glad you did.

Karen Anne -- 2 reasons for Walgreens: 1)My computer at home is acting up and it has decided it no longer loves the printer and 2) I just needed to do a few color shots in sepia. Walgreens was a quick (and thanks to sale and coupons) very affordable option.

somebody said...