Sunday, March 7, 2010

Poor Neglected Little Blog

It's all I can do lately to post. I can't bear to think about how far behind I am on my reading, so I will apologize to you, whom I follow.

We've been out running around which has worn me down. I was going to work on the mystery project earlier but went to bed instead. I'm up again now because the mother is sick. Hoping it's not a flu and not something I can catch. Ugh.

I'd hoped we would go to the restaurant today and unload some of the many things that have taken over my house but I guess that's not to be.

The good news is that it was a gorgeous day and I got to be out to enjoy it. Maybe today (supposedly another nice day, just with less sun) I might get some trim boards cut. It will be the first time I've had a chance to work outside in a good long while when it's pleasant.

Here's hoping later today that I can wrap up the mystery project.


Jayne said...

My blog is sadly neglected, too. Sorry to hear that the mother is sick. Hope she gets better and is back to directing the decor of the restaurant in no time! And for you and me, I wish for warm weather and some motivation. :)

MonkeyGirl said...

I hope you get stuff done, unloaded AND manage to avoid the ucky bug!

I am so excited that it is getting warmer but dread the next couple of months because my allergies seem to beat me into submission during this time of year despite the drugs!

somebody said...